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Periodontal therapy includes deep cleaning the sockets around the teeth to rid the areas of harmful bacteria. In order to keep the harmful bacteria away, you will most likely need to come in every few months so we can repeat this deep cleaning and promote gum growth. In some more advanced cases of Periodontitis, this therapy may include minor surgery in order to make sure you stay healthy and your mouth stays clean.

The procedure required in this instance is scaling and root planing. This consists of one of our knowledgeable team members using an ultrasonic cleaner to break down plaque build-up and to separate the hardened plaque, or tartar, from your gumlines and infected roots. It’s important that we clean all the way down to the pockets so that the plaque doesn’t start building back right away.

After the tartar is cleaned away during the scaling process, we will begin root planing. Root planing is when we use a scaling tool to smooth your tooth roots down to promote their reattachment to your gums.

Scaling and root planing is highly beneficial because this procedure is known to reduce the pocket size between your teeth and gums. When the pockets are reduced, there is a lessened chance you will experience tooth loss and further damage from Periodontitis.

No one wants to go through the motions of Periodontitis, so we encourage all of our patients to maintain a consistent oral healthcare routine. As you come in for regular cleanings, one of our team members will usually be able to easily spot the beginning stages of Gingivitis, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what it looks like. Gingivitis is highly treatable and will not instantly progress into Periodontitis, and we will be here to advise you no matter what stage you are in.

If you are interested in periodontal therapy or would like to know what that process may look like for you, contact us today! You’ve got resident Masters of Dentistry on your side to help you conquer the effects of periodontitis.