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Masters of Dentistry

What sets us apart

At Victus Dental, we won’t settle for standard care; we strive to be Masters of Dentistry. This comes from our belief that we are all masters of our own fate, in charge of championing our own destinies from everything to life goals to excellent oral health. We are inspired by the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley, which promotes these ideas extensively. We are so passionate about it we named our practice after the piece!

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    Dr. Anthony Le, DMD


    Dr. Davis

      Dr. Julie Davis, DMD


        Dr. Taylor Newman, DMD


          Dr. Elena Kopko, DDS


            Dr. Karly Michel, DDS


            Meet Our Dentists

            We are committed to helping you look, feel, and smile your best. Our team, led by Dentist Dr. Anthony Le, delivers the highest standard of professional service from the moment your walk in our door. Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals is vital to our success.

            Mission & Values

            At Victus Dental, our vision is to create a cavity-free community that loves our offices and prioritizes oral health care and our mission to improve oral health care through outstanding service and education. Our team is fully dedicated to creating happy, healthy smiles for our community. 

            Meet Our Team

            Our friendly team of professionals is dedicated to your utmost comfort and optimal oral health. We view each patient as a unique individual, and tailor each treatment to your specific needs. As part of our commitment to providing close, personalized attention to every patient, we want to encourage patient communication. Please know that we are here to provide outstanding patient care, and that we value the trust you have placed in us.


            Cone-Beam CTs

            Cone-beam computed tomography systems take 3D images of patients’ teeth, mouths, jaws, and neck.

            Digital X-Rays

            These emit 90% less radiation than their film counterpart, so we are able to produce a safe and advanced image.

            Solea Laser

            Solea is an all-tissue laser that allows us to do filling-prep without the need for anesthesia or any numbing agents.


            Implants are artificial roots that are surgically attached to your jawbone, providing a safe and secure base.

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            Community Involvement

            Pensacola is where we both live and work, so the welfare of our community is always on our minds.