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While crowns and bridges are effective for patients who have one or more missing teeth, there are cases where a denture or partial denture is a more appropriate response. If you have more than a few missing teeth, you may need dentures in order to do speak, eat and keep your face from sagging.

No one wants to be without teeth, so we offer immediate dentures that are made prior to the removal of any teeth and can be affixed to your mouth the day of your appointment. However, because the mouth shifts a lot during the healing process, we will need to see you again for adjustments throughout this period.

Traditional dentures are placed on top of the gums around eight weeks after the teeth are removed. These dentures are ideal for people who are missing a lot of teeth. They allow wearers to have the freedom to chew and speak normally, something they would be barred from otherwise.

Implant-supported dentures are dentures that are held in place by dental implants. These implants are artificially rooted in the gum, giving these dentures more stability. The dental implants used in this procedure also help prevent bone loss in patients. This process may take more time to heal, but many like the security the implant-supported dentures provide.

Not all patients will require a full set of dentures, in some cases a partial denture suit your needs just fine. We have traditional metal-based partials that are designed for easy adjustability and comfort.

We also have flexible partials for those who are most concerned about esthetics. Flexible partials do not have any metal so they will look most natural with your existing teeth. If you’d like more information on which dentures would be best for you, we would love to speak with you about your options today!