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Our goal at Victus Dental is to break the cycle of anxiety associated with going to the dentist. in addition to our welcoming team that takes care of you from the moment you walk through the door, we want you to feel well informed on what we do. One of the most basic procedures of general dentistry is dental cleanings and hygiene.

Dental cleanings begin with an examination of the mouth by one of our qualified hygienists. They’ll look for anything concerning and bring in our doctor if anything of note is present. Usually, they’ll proceed to remove plaque with a small tool that allows them to scrape it from teeth. This can be a bit uncomfortable, but the process can be shortened by consistent brushing and flossing in between appointments. We then brush your teeth with a gritty toothpaste and high-powered toothbrush that results in a deep clean. After the brushing, we will floss, rinse and apply fluoride. Flouride serves as a protector for your teeth and defends you from getting cavities.

Dental cleanings are always easier when you do your part at home, so make sure to brush at least twice a day and floss frequently for simplified cleaning.