Oral Surgery Services

Masters of Dentistry
Sometimes a beautiful, healthy smile needs a little extra help along the way. While we are advocates for our patients being the master of their own destinies, we’ve met very few who are able to perform oral surgery. That’s when you need to pass the baton to us. We aim to be Masters of Dentistry and to maintain this title we are constantly pressing forward in our practice to deliver top-of-the-line care and comfort whether it be a routine cleaning or wisdom teeth removal.
Oral surgeries are very common in dentistry, so it’s nothing to fear. We want you to feel at ease every time you walk into our office, even for a procedure. We love what we do and are the best in the business – you’re in good hands!
Tooth extractions may sound a little daunting, but sometimes they are the best step for your oral health. There are multiple reasons why a patient may need a tooth extracted, such as excessive decay or overcrowding. If a tooth has decayed to a certain point, it may pose a risk to your health and require removal.
Teeth may also need extraction if you are experiencing overcrowding that is forcing your teeth out of place, which can lead to other complications down the road. Often times, the removal of just one or two teeth can dramatically affect the spacing of your teeth and give you a smile you’re proud to wear.
Extractions are typically a quick procedure. Our knowledgeable team has refined the process to get you in the chair as soon as possible so you can have your extraction done in an efficient and timely manner. The recovery process lasts a few days and any discomfort can be eased by icing, over-the-counter pain medication, and rest.
You don’t have to fret over this simple procedure; you can rest assured that you are in the hands of seasoned professionals who have made your oral health our top priority.
An implant is an artificial root that is fused to your jawbone to act as a base for crowns, bridges, and more. Implants help stimulate jaw bone growth where it otherwise may have suffered. They are a time-tested and patient-approved appliance that can help improve your life quality by providing a secure base for missing teeth so you can do necessary things such as speaking and chewing. The reason dental implants are so popular is that they are reliable and durable. They stand the test of time because they work in coordination with the jaw bone instead of sitting on the surface.
Because implants provide a secure base by their fusing to the jawbone, they are a popular choice among denture recipients to act as a stabilizer for their appliances. For implant-supported dentures, implants are put in and then capped with crowns. We adhere the dentures to these crowns, and the implants keep the dentures firmly in place. If they are well taken care of, these implants can last a lifetime.
Restorative implants are necessary when replacing a tooth that has been lost. The implant is put in and then covered with an abutment that acts as a connector. Finally, the artificial tooth, or crown, is attached to the abutment. Replacing lost teeth goes beyond aesthetics; They are important factors in patients’ face shapes, ability to chew, speech patterns, tooth alignment, and more.
Wisdom teeth are the last of the permanent teeth to grow in as you enter adulthood. Wisdom teeth are actually third molars that may grow in normally but oftentimes grow in at an angle without the proper amount of room to rupture the gums as they should. This can cause pain, decay in the partially grown-in portion, damage to surrounding bones, and more. This is why it is crucial to get these teeth removed so that they don’t cause damage to your previously formed, healthy smile. Even if they do grow normally, they can be very difficult to clean due to their positioning. This makes them a breeding ground for bacteria and painful tooth decay.
Wisdom teeth extraction is a common surgical procedure that benefits you greatly in the long-run. While it may seem counter-intuitive to remove teeth that grow naturally, they simply don’t have enough room to flourish.